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Learn basic Armenian before you travel to Armenia


Before you travel to Armenia, it is a good idea to learn some basic Armenian words and phrases. (Even if you are not traveling to Armenia any time soon, wouldn't it be cool to know how to say a few phrases in a foreign language?) Not many people in Armenia speak good English, even in the capital Yerevan. Knowing some simple phrases, you can make friends with the local people, make the journey easier without having to depend on an interpreter and perhaps help yourself bargain for stuff more successfully.

Before we jump to the lessons, you should keep these few things in mind:

Learning a foreign language is never a piece of cake. Except for memorizing words and sentences, you need to pronounce them correctly. If people seem to be confused about what you say, no need to be discouraged. Just try to speak slower and they will get it eventually.

If you try to speak Armenian to the local people and they laugh, please don't be offended. Armenians love to laugh. They are just laughing with you, not at you. In fact, they really admire foreigners who try to speak their language and here laughing is a way to show admiration.

Greetings and some other simple phrases

Hello = Barev

Goodbye = Ts'tesutyun (hard hah? Try to get used to, buddy!)

How are you? = Inchpes es/eq? ('es' is for informal use, while 'eq' is formal)

I'm fine. = Lav em

I'm not feeling well. = Lav chem zgum

Thank you = Shnorhakalutyun (Yeah, I know!)

Ok = Lav

I'm sorry. = Knereq

You're welcome. = Khndrem

My name is... = Im anuny ... e

What's your name? = Inch e qo anuny?

Nice to meet you. = Hacheli e

Yes = Ayo

No = Voch


Can you lower the price? = Giny kijecneq?

Do you have a bigger one? = Aveli mets uneq?

Do you have a smaller one? = Aveli poqr uneq?

It's a bit too expensive. = Tank e

I really like it. = Indz dur e galis

Expressing Your Feelings

I like....= Indz dur e galis...

I don't like...= Indz dur chi galis...

I'm hot. = Shogum em

I'm cold. = Mrsum em

I'm hungry. = Qaxtsats em

I'm full. = Kusht em

I want to go to...= Uzum em gnal...

I like Armenia. = Hayastany indz dur e galis

I don't want to go back home. = Chem uzum het gnal


You are very beautiful. = Du sirun es

I really like you. = Du indz dur es galis

Do you want to go out with me? = Karokh em qez mi tekh hravirel?

Can we go see a movie? = Karokh enq gnal film ditelu?

I love you! = Yes sirum em qez


Where is the restroom? = Vortekh e lvatsarany?

I'm lost. = Es chem kokhmnoroshvum

Where am I? = Vortekh em es?

Do you speak English? = Angleren khosum eq?

I need to go to...= Petq e gnam

Help me! = Khndrum em ogneq indz.

Wish you a happy trip to Armenia!