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Interesting Places to Visit in Washington


Almost anyone who has decided to visit Washington as a tourist is more or less aware of its tourist trails and the shiny surface – from the Space Needle, White House, Pentagon and White Water Rafting and beyond. However beneath, there are many other interesting and yet unusual places to visit in Washington that many tourists may not have heard about. Keeping an open ear, open eyes and an open mind can reveal a few hidden gems.

Bob's Java Jive

This is the biggest tea pot you can come across in the world. Named from the old Ink Spots song, it was a beat hangout in the fifties. This place used to be a tea/coffee shop before, but then shut down. Years later it was reopened as a club and functions as such until now. Bob's Java Jive is situated in Tacoma and is its hidden gem. 

This place is built of dark wood with dim lighting and off-putting decor and it was at one point quite smoky. Decorated dollar bills adorn the ceiling, sexualized images are carved in the bar and seats and graffiti in the restroom. In addition it has extremely limited menu, when the only resemblance of a menu are the random box of food items stapled against the wall. And it is pretty cheap! Yet it is a greatly unique place to hang out with friends and have fun. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is the mix of people it attracts.  Bob's Java Jive is one of those rare places that draws a combination of young and old including hipsters, rockabilly, bikers and hicks.

Robot Hut Museum

This museum doesn't limit its uniqueness only by the interesting collection of detailed robots and replicas of famous robots from pop culture, but by its visiting rules, as it can be visited by appointment only. The reason is that the owner of the robots thinks that showing his whole detailed collection is very time consuming. However if you are really interested in robot culture, he will be pleased to show you around at his unique museum located in Elk.

Ye Olde Curiosity Store

Ye Olde Curiosity is a weird little shop selling weird, freaky, interesting items you cannot find even at Ripley's Believe It or Not. It was founded in 1899 and represents a licensed museum and gift store. It features items like jewelry made with real insects, butterflies in frames, or recyclable wallets. In the museum of oddities and curiosities you will find anything from genuine mummies and shrunken heads to a two headed lamb, to a four legged chicken.

Camlann Medieval Village

Camlann Medieval Village is located 4 miles north of Carnation. It represents a historical recreation of 1376 rural England and is dedicated to providing the public with powerful personal experiences of history, consisting of numerous learning and performing arts opportunities, built upon research of rural communities in 14th century England, to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between the historical events and western society today. The place is a complete village with actors hired to live the lives of 14th century Englishmen. The village also includes the Bors Hede Inne, a full medieval restaurant experience that is available year round by reservation.