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In short, this is how ginosiks have fun !


Hi everybody, this is the first time I am writing a blog and hope you all will enjoy it very much!

I did some research about office lives and how ordinary office employees try and melt their accumulated day to day stressful routine. It seems as though there are many ways for people, especially in an office environment to deal with stressful situations.  One which way is when there is the common office chair races that you can find a dime a dozen videos on YouTube but since our Yerevan office is a small one we wouldn’t  go more then 5 feet before crashing into a wall. Or the old, shooting the crumpled up paper into the waste basket (which I am no good at as a few of my colleagues would also agree), or usually there is someone who makes an awful face in front of a camera usually just before crashing into something or winning the race. Of course the most creative way goes to the Japanese, it is the Idea of ​​a relaxation room, where they hang a portrait of the head of their boss, which you can throw eggs at. Experts note that fun in the workplace can improve the efficiency of labor, and are advised to take breaks every hour and a half. Almost 92% of workers admit that they do from time to time, take breaks from work. During breaks some 66% of employees prefer to have a cup of tea or coffee, 45% like talking with colleagues and 35% travel on the internet. Another 9% are reported to devote their free time to games and childish amusements and so on and so forth.

I am a Ginosik and I would like to tell how Ginosi staff removes stress and has fun.  We recently had an all inclusive getaway trip (courtesy of our boss’s at where we just forwarded our phones to our call center and we all left for a getaway retreat to one of our most beautiful partner hotels, the Tufenkian Avan Dzoraget Hotel. It’s a large hotel, the exterior of which is made of basalt stone and it is located on the banks of Debed Canyon…it reminds me of a Medieval Castle. Our bosses set up 2 days of fun filled activities along with some training and conferences combined. Each morning  would start bright and early with our CEO serving us a cup of coffee in bed, a nice refreshing shower followed by a tasty breakfast with an amazing view.  Just to paint you a quick picture, we would sit under a nice gazebo alongside a raging river just feet away from us with an amazing backdrop of lush green mountains.  After that the setup for the next few days was learning and having fun in interesting ways and also learning about one another. I think the combination which was used was a great form of education combined with the atmosphere which made it a great learning experience in general.  I can only truly speak for myself but I’m sure the rest of our team would surely agree that it was a nice break from the office environment. One of the activities was  where we divided up into 2 teams and made 2 paintings expressing  our emotions using team work (needless to say there were a few miss-strokes of the paint brushes resulting in painted faces, clothes etc.) but all in great fun and just to express each others' ideas and views.

We had a few hiking trips outside of the hotel property where we just went out exploring and playing games like Jeopardy all in the name of getting to know each other and ourselves but in itself it was like being in another world surrounded with amazing natural beauty and with the company of a handful of amazing people all in their own ways.

If you wish to see some of the pictures which were described in my blog you can visit the Ginosi page on facebook.