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How to Save on Christmas Travel


Everybody knows that vacations usually cost a lot, especially if they fall in a period of huge holidays like Christmas and New Year. Travelers who need to get home for Christmas or those who just want to spend it in a far away destination are ready to pay the price no matter how high it is. But there might be a loop-hole to this frustrating fact - the holiday saving strategy! The below mentioned tips, will help you prevent shelling big bucks.

Booking Early

This is where it all starts, for what always catches many people is the failure to plan. Planning your holiday travel ahead will help you save a fortune. Both airline tickets and accommodation renting are cheaper at low season time. During the peak Christmas season, when there are so many people traveling, the airlines don’t need to reduce costs in order to put ‘’bottoms’’ in their seats, while booking  your ticket a month or so earlier will always get you a better deal on airfare. If you are fine with flying early in the morning or late at night, then you might get an even better discount. 

The same thing is with accommodation booking. Hotel rooms, apartments and other types of accommodation are available at a lower rate, if you book them in advance. It may even turn out that you only have to part with half the cash.

Keeping Eyes Open for Special Offers

Most travel websites and travel agencies offer specials and discounts for holidays. Take your time to do a thorough research and find out what’s the best for you and your family. can be a great place to start.

Combining Things

To increase your chances of saving more, you might want to combine everything in one package. This will usually include the air ticket, accommodation and the car rental (if necessary).  Many travel websites offer useful cross-sells, including cell phones, Internet devices, rental cars as well as tour packages (which is normally inquired by calling beforehand). If you are not sure which is the best deal for you, I would recommend you to discuss things with your travel agent and find out what is really necessary.

Saving money on Christmas travel will give you financial freedom to do other things that are pleasant for you, like shopping and buying gifts. After all Christmas doesn’t need to be expensive in order to be fun, moderate Christmases are just as cool!

By Nare Mkhitaryan