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How to Find a Vacation Rental Apartment in Yerevan


Each year, it seems the vacation rentals market gets increasingly popular globally. I think rental apartments are definitely on their way to going mainstream and this progress has also covered Yerevan. Nowadays a lot of travelers to Yerevan, especially those with families choose to stay at an apartment rather than a hotel. The main reasons for this are of course the more affordable price and the informal atmosphere that rental apartments provide. Below is an easy guide to find and book Yerevan rental apartments online.

How to Book Rental Apartments in Yerevan

Even though online booking is new to Armenia now it is easy than ever to find and book comfortable apartments in Yerevan online. offers a range of Yerevan short term rentals that can suit to anyone’s needs. The apartments on Ginosi are all located in the central districts of Yerevan and give you full access to the city’s most popular places of interest, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, entertainment centers and other cultural venues. 

To find and book your Yerevan apartment, you simply need to type the word “Yerevan” in the search box in, choose your travel dates and click on the “search” button. It will browse all the available accommodation in Yerevan. Then check the box for apartments to narrow your search and you will see the available vacation rentals. You can now click on each and read its descriptions, look at the photos, get acquainted with the policies. After selecting the best one for your needs, you can click on the “book” button and secure your place to stay in Yerevan just in a few minutes.

What are the Best Areas to Stay in Yerevan?

If you are in Yerevan for a short time, no matter you are a tourist, or a traveler on business or whatsoever, you definitely need a place that is central, close to the city’s attractions and is comfortable in terms of shopping and eating out. The most central part of Yerevan is the one near Republic Square – the heart of the city. This is the place where a lot of concerts and other cultural gatherings are organized regularly. Besides, it is here that the colorful and musical fountains play and many people, including tourists, come to see them, sit on the benches or at the pool edges and enjoy the calm and cool Yerevan evenings. 

Another central area is located near the Opera House which covers Sayat Nova, Mashtots and Tumanyan streets. Here is also located the most luxurious avenue of Yerevan –the Northern Avenue and the Swan Lake, which is a popular attraction of the city. This area is a hub of Yerevan culture with everything located in the palm of your hand. Steps away is the Cascade Complex, another remarkable attraction with its contemporary art museums and the amazing overlook to the whole city. 

As mentioned above, all the apartments listed on are located in the central areas of Yerevan, thus whichever you choose, you will get the utmost comfort in terms of location and not only.