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How to Budget Your Trip to Georgia


When it comes to costs of travel, the Caucasus countries have a reputation for being comparably affordable, however the reality is that unless you are very rich you will need to set some sort of  budget when you travel.

If you are set on visiting Georgia but don’t have inexhaustible financial resources, there are ways of reducing the costs of travel, accommodation, dining out and sightseeing but you will have to put in a little work first to identify where those savings can be made. Below are 2 tips that will help you not break the bank.

Start Saving Early

If possible plan your vacation and set a budget in advance. This will also help you save time and stress less. Try to be realistic while creating your budget,  don't tighten it too much, otherwise you may end up blowing it.

There are some country specific factors you should consider. Depending on where you are coming from your chances of saving on airfare vary. Best is to use direct flights (although not a rule), if they are available from your country to Georgia. Some airlines sell round budget trips beginning from 200 EUR. Traveling off the peak season may also be a good idea.

Georgian winters are long; the temperature drops from November and the days soon become very short; if you intend to spend a lot of time outdoors, you might need to visit in the spring or summer when there are more hours of daylight. The longer you spend indoors, the more money you’ll spend, as eating in restaurants and paying for entrance to indoor activities require expenses, so visiting in summer can work out much cheaper as you can go for picnics and involve in other free activities.

Taxis in Georgia are also quite affordable, but more economic way of transportation are definitely buses and metro, which cost 0.50 GEL (~0.22 Euro). 

Booking Accommodation

If you are traveling by  transportation other than plane, often the local people know the transportation timetables and wait for you with their offers for accommodation. After all, it's easy to spot someone with huge backpack, who is looking for a room. Well, this is surely an option, but concerning about security, I would advise you to book your accommodation before departing, which is a lot safer and can keep you away from uncomfortable situations, such as not liking the place or its amenities. offers a bunch of budget accommodation in Georgia and in the Caucasus. You can take a look at all the options, read their descriptions, see the pictures, book online on your own and always have a local agent to refer for help. 

When push comes to shove budgets, you might face a boring task.  However it is very important if you don't want to run out of money.  By setting a workable budget you are allowing yourself to get the most from your money. After all budgets are not there to restrict you – they are there to make sure that you have enough money to truly enjoy your stay.