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How to Budget Your Trip to Armenia


Many people believe that if you are traveling for a purpose other than work, you have to be rich. Travel costs add up quickly and can be extremely high, but that does not mean that the average John can't travel and have fun with a little forethought.  If your next trip is to Armenia, consider the below stated budget travel tips.


Transportation often shells the major part of travel expenses, whether you take a bus, drive or fly by plane the cost is going to take away a big part of your money. However, there are some tips which can help you save on transportation.

Discount airfares to Armenia or special tour packages are often available. Contact an Armenian travel agency near you or keep an eye for last minute deals, or bulk purchase type deals by purchasing your ticket through a ticket broker online, such as Expedia, etc.

If you are coming from a country where buses are available to Armenia, you may want to consider it, as usually bus travel is cheaper than taking a train. 

Well, that's before getting to Yerevan, once you are in the city the transportation available is taxi, mini-bus and metro. Taxis in Yerevan and especially in the other provinces of Armenia are not very expensive, however to make your trip stay as much in a tight budget as possible, you had better use mini-bus and metro (the later is available only in Yerevan), which cost 100 AMD (~$0.25) per person.  If you are willing to allow yourself rent a car, and still not jump out of a budget, consider renting in online from the same website you book your accommodation, as this is likely to discount the price, sometimes quite substantially.


Take some time to look through the website to see if you can come across some hot deals or good discounts. Last minute deals are also often available, so make sure to go a thorough research. There are many budget hotels and apartments in Yerevan, which usually fit the bill. However, if you don't mind sharing a room with other travelers, youth hostels are cheap accommodations. 

Bellow are some budget hotels and apartments you can book in Yerevan.

Areg Hotel - offers clean rooms and the beautiful sight of Mount Ararat

Zakyan Diamond Apartment - one bedroom affordable and comfortable apartment in the center of Yerevan

EIU hostel - located 15 minute of drive from Yerevan city center, can be a perfect choice for budget conscious travelers

Crown Hotel Bed and Breakfast - The Crown hotel is located in downtown Yerevan, in Republic Square

Theater Hostel - Yerevan's most central hostel, is an ideal choice for a budget traveler

Tours and Sightseeing

Just like it is cheaper to book accommodation and rent a car from one place, adding a tours to the package will save you even more money.  You might even be lucky to get some discount coupons! Way to go!


Try to stay in a hotel or an apartment  with a kitchen, or at the very least a small stove and fridge.

This is going to save you a fortune as you will be able to take leftovers from eating out back to your hotel and eat them later to cover a meal, you will be able to buy a couple of eggs and a jug of milk to cover breakfast, or something similar. This will be a much more economic way of eating, than any budget restaurant.

Last but not least, if you travel on a budget, then the best thing is considering off season travel. Hotels, car rentals and even dining are going to cost less if you travel out of peak seasons.