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Golden Apricot Film Festival – Appreciate the Cinema of Our Times


The capital of Armenia, Yerevan is known for its rich culture and heritage which can be witnessed through its many museums as well as architectural delights. The Golden Apricot Film Festival is also known as the Yerevan International Film Festival and the people of Yerevan are quite proud of the event.

The Golden Apricot Film Festival is held every year in the month of July to promote creativity in the field of video art and cinema. The festival mainly aims at promoting films made in Armenia as well as films made by those of Armenian descent. The Festival took place for the first time in the year 2004 and is supported by the Ministry of Culture as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Armenia.

Golden Apricot Festival will be celebrating its 9th year. This year’s Golden Apricot Festival or the Yerevan International Film Festival has been scheduled to take place from July 8 to July 15, 2012. The competitions in this year will include International Documentary, International Feature, American Panorama as well as Apricot Stone programs.

Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations is the theme of the Festival and it tries to promote movies which illustrate the various human experiences. The Golden Apricot Film festival aims at creating a cultural bridge between nations so that a platform of communication can be created on that basis. Besides films and videos by Armenia and those of Armenian descent, one can also see films from many other parts of the world.

Within a very short time the Golden Apricot Film Festival has become very popular and directors from all over the world participate in the festival. The film festival has many categories of competition including short film, documentary film, feature film, animation, experimental, debut and student as well as video art.

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The Golden Apricot Film Festival has its own official site which provides complete information on the festival including rules and regulations as well as entry forms to those who wish to enter the competition.  One can also find the list programs of the Film Festival available right on the site. The festival allows one to view some of the best film work in Armenia as well as the rest of the world.