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Fully Booked: Tips for Short Term Rentals


Convert window-shoppers to paying customers

People looking for short-term rentals generally want comfort and value. Make sure that your content shows that your property has all the comforts of home. Show off your property’s perks, be it a fully equipped kitchen, spacious interiors, or great few of the city.

Embrace Your Negative Feedback

No, you did not read that wrong. Negative feedback, not matter how nasty, contains insight on how to improve your rental. If one guest noticed a problem, they probably are not the first.

Take the opportunity to fix the problem, then talk about it! People love success stories. Being open about the problem and showing what you did to fix it will help you gain respect and trust from potential customers.

Updated Bathroom = Updated Listing Content!

Did you repaint the dining area from sea-foam green to canary yellow? Your guests are going to notice. Keep the photos and descriptions of your property up to date. If you made changes to the property, they were probably improvements, so show them off!

Best Practice: Make updating your listing content the last step in any upgrade to your properties. That way you know your content is always up to date.

Tools: Inventions to Make Life Easier!

  • Who needs a professional photographer when most smartphones have a 40-bizillion megapixel (that’s a technical term) camera? There are a lot of apps out there which allow panorama photos that can really show off your property.

  • Property management software is becoming more affordable and easier to use. Why deal with the headache of a spreadsheet when there is a tool out there to do it for you? There are plenty of great solutions out there that will reduce your stress level and make your life easier.

Where Are All the Forks?

Many people choose short-term rentals because they offer more space and amenities than hotels. Make sure that the kitchen is fully equipped. Also check to make sure there is enough detergent for both the dishwasher and the washing machine. After travelling to their destination, the last thing a guest wants is a trip to the convenience store so they can wash their clothes.

It’s the Small Things People Love

Chocolates on the pillows. A city guide on the table. A phone call after check in just to see if you can help.

Even small perks like these can take guest experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary. It shows you care about your guests, which in the end is as important as the property itself. Paying attention to the details and treating your guests right makes a world of difference.

Attention is what matters, and showing your guests that you care about them is what will make you more business.