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Five Defining Factors for Choosing Vacation Rentals Over Hotels


Deciding where to stay is one of the most important decisions we make when we plan our trips. Choosing accommodation involves giving up many things we are used to in our daily life. If we choose a hotel we give up the home comforts, and if we choose a vacation home we give-up the 24/7 service, loyalty programs and ready breakfasts.

Vacation Home Rental market’s increase in the past years is neither a secret nor a surprise. Airbnb, Dwellable, HomeAway, Flipkey, Ginosi are all proof that the market is live more than ever and is going to grow.

Why is that?

Because staying at a comfortable, cozy and familiar place when travelling has become a first choice for many travellers and vacation homes are far better option for them than the fully serviced hotels or low-budget hostels.

So, what defining factors are there to consider when choosing?

1. 24/7 room service or self service?

If you are a fan of room service and delivery of menu items you definitely should not consider staying at an apartment. However, can you remember when last time you ordered anything to your room? If it took more than 15 seconds to remember than you might consider room service obsolete luxury to pay for. On the other hand, did you ever think how to Cook Food in a Hotel Room? Seems like you are not alone, people even wrote articles on lifehacker about it.

2. Kitchen

Consider having a kitchen, when on vacation. No more “cook bacon with the iron” or “boil egg under hot water drip”. After all you are on a vacation, not in survival mode. Almost all vacation rentals offer full kitchen with basic utensils to make food for you and for your loved ones.

3. Freedom

Did you ever order a pizza to a hotel room? How convenient was that? Wouldn't you rather like it to be straightforward, just giving the delivery man your address and that’s it.

Did you ever feel that you are being overly taken care of? Or did you ever wonder if the hotel staff moved things in your room? With apartments it’s very easy - you stay in there, nobody enters the apartment you are staying at unless you ask to. And nobody asks you 15 times a day if everything is OK.

4. Rooms!

I mean a lot of them, not just one. When you choose to stay at an apartment you get rooms! A living room, a bedroom, a kitchen! You decide where you want to spend your time. And even when you want to be alone for a moment, lets say for a call, you can just go to the other room. No need to book several rooms to be able to have several.

5. Price

It’s easy, apartments are cheaper. You book the apartment only, not the extras that you might not use. Want to travel with a group of 5? No problem, we have an apartment for you! And it almost costs the same as it would cost for 2 or 3!

6. Where can I book short-stay apartments?

Ginosi Apartels & Hotels is a professionally managed apartment chain in select cities. We control all nuances that a vacation rental may come across, from decorating the place with the guests' comfort and freedom in mind, to meeting and checking them out. We also make sure that all our guests may have a great accommodation for an affordable price.

Booking process is made as straightforward as possible and there is no wait for confirmation.

Another place to look for apartments is the Airbnb marketplace, where homeowners list their apartments to make extra cash. They charge 7% extra from the guests though and most of the bookings are inquiry based and in you will need to wait for confirmation by the owner. You can check one of our listings on Airbnb here for comparison. 

Author: Khachik Badeyan