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Five Days of Farmers Markets in Seattle


Seattle has a booming farmer’s market culture with spots worth visiting throughout the week. Each offer something unique and worthwhile.

Farmer’s markets have evolved to become so much more than just a place to find fresh local harvest. These neighborhood gathering places promote community values and healthy living habits. Travelers and locals alike embrace the opportunity to try new foods and listen to local musicians, talk with activists and learn about upcoming events.

Check out our favorite Seattle markets below.


The Pike Place Market has always been the heart of Seattle’s colorful food scene. On Wednesday evenings, it becomes a market unlike any other. Take in the flavor of local clam chowder or experiment with unique artisan foods. The market is over a century old and continues to grow. You will find only the freshest and highest quality ingredients for your home cooked meals. Explore the various specialty grocery stores which sell pasta, truffle oil, herbed vinegars, to help fuel your more adventurous culinary experiments. With vendors serving ethnic cuisines and shops offering baked goods and imported products from all over the world, there is no lack for diversity in this farmer’s market.


If you’re traveling with kids, then your best bet is to visit the Queen Anne Farmers Market. Music and chef demonstrations aside, this farmer’s market is ripe with childrens’ activities throughout the day. What makes this farmer’s market unique, is that it is the only independent, non-profit market built by the community for the community. Vendors genuinely enjoy interacting while selling their goods. There is also an impressive amount of artisan foods in the form of food trucks. You can find tacos, sandwiches, parfaits baked goods clay oven pizzas and more, readily available for your taste buds to explore.


With flexible hours, the Phinney Farmers Market is a worthwhile ritual spot to visit on Fridays. Where it lacks in size it makes up for in homey healthy goodness. The old fashioned farmers market is perfect for picking up fresh ingredients for a week's worth of dishes. You can stroll around and get helpful information about farming and produce from the people who grew it. Find seasonal fruits and vegetables, beverages, cheese, honey and more!


Check out the U-District Farmers Market on any given Saturday morning as this is one of the few year-round markets in town. Eat while you shop, choosing from one of the vast number of  breakfast and lunch options available. You can find everything from delicious pastries to  mac’n’cheese from artisanal cheese makers to burgers from local meat experts. Spend your Saturday afternoon people watching the locals while keeping your eyes peeled for the freshest variety of pears, apples, peppers, potatoes, grapes and berries.


Get all the goods you need to prepare meals for an entire week by visiting Capitol Hill Broadway Farmers Market. Once again, if your stomach starts rumbling while shopping there is plenty of ready-to-eat food to bite into, ranging from pancakes to gourmet tamales! Get fresh baked goods, organic meat, seafood, honey, vegetables and fruits of all kinds.