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Enjoy the Many Festivals of Yerevan During Your Holiday


When visiting a new city for a vacation, it can be great if the stay coincides with a festival. Festivals allow one to have greater insight into the lives of the people and provide one with the knowledge of culture and history of the people.  Festivals in Yerevan are no different; it would be a good idea to visit the city during a festival or a popular event.  Armenia has a very rich history and the festivals are the best way to enjoy it, also often one finds the locals in a friendlier mood than usual during such special occasions. Short term rentals in Yerevan are the best option for travellers to the city during a holiday.

Victory Day celebrated on the Ninth of May every year throughout Armenia. Victory Day is held to pay respect to the veterans of Second World War. On Victory day, one will find veterans of the Second World War amidst crowds. The children usually give a kiss and a nosegay to the veterans while the elders pour out a drink of Cognac or vodka to the Veterans. Often cultural shows are also put up to provide the people and the veterans with entertainment.  One is most likely to have an amazing experience on Victory Day.  Hotels in Yerevan are usually expensive therefore it would be a good idea to stay in a Yerevan apartment.

Water Day is usually held in June and is a really fun festival. As the name suggests, on Water day, children pour water on unsuspecting people. Adults also participate in drenching others and one will soon find people soaked to their bones roaming around. The water day is usually accompanied with a lot of celebrations such as dance, music as well as food.

VoskiAshun is held in October in Hrazdan. The festival aims at celebrating the coming of winter as well as the harvest season. Celebrating the harvest season can be found in many cultures including Armenia. If you want to celebrate Christmas twice, then come to Yerevan on the first week of January. The Armenian Orthodox church celebrates Christmas on the sixth of January, therefore you can celebrate Christmas and New Year with your friends and family, then come to Yerevan and celebrate Christmas again in Armenian style.

New Year in Yerevan can be a lot of fun as well and is the biggest holiday of Yerevan. It is celebrated with a lot of splendor. If you wish to spend your vacation in Yerevan during such special occasions, it would be a good idea to look up and if possible book a Yerevan apartment in advance. Short rentals in Yerevan can often be booked online.