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Enjoy Shopping in Yerevan, Armenia


Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is a vibrant city with many architectural delights, museums, and historical as well as cultural delights to enjoy the life of the city. Yerevan is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination because of the many attractions presented by the city including shopping.

An expedition to a foreign destination is not complete without shopping. As a traveller to a new city or country one tries to purchase items that will act as a memento in the coming years. One likes to share their travel experiences with friends and family by giving souvenirs and there are plenty of things that one can pick up from Yerevan as well as a large number of places to shop.

The countrywide currency of Armenia is Dram. One can exchange dollars or Euros to Dram in almost any part of the city. One will usually find the exchange rates to be quite good on the street as compared to the bank or airport. Some stores might accept dollars but Drams are usually preferred. There are plenty of markets and an amazing opportunity to pick up interesting knick-knacks in Yerevan. The Vernissage Market is a very popular destination where one can pick up antiques, local handicrafts, old communist medals and more. It is a weekend flea market and is extremely popular as it allows tourists to literally rummage through a lot of interesting knick knacks.

Yerevan can prove to be an affordable travel destination provided one does not end up spending too much on travel accommodation. Hotels in Yerevan are usually way too expensive therefore the best travel accommodations are short term rentals in Yerevan. Yerevan apartments let out to tourists for short time periods are usually as comfortable as hotel rooms but they are much cheaper. Short term rentals in Yerevan can be found easily through a simple internet search, one can even compare prices and amenities offered by different Yerevan parchments.

If you have money and would like to splurge, you can head towards the boutiques in Yerevan, Treasures of Armenia is one such expensive boutique where one can pick up exclusive but expensive pieces. If you are interested in collecting art, the Vernissage Art Market is the place they should head for; one can get good deals at the Vernissage Art Market. If you are interested in purchasing some of the best Armenian craft and handmade jewelry, head towards a store called Made in Armenia Direct; the store is also known for its religious iconography.

A few items that should be on your shopping list during a shopping spree in Yerevan are Armenian brandy or Cognac and Armenian carpets or rugs.  Armenian preserves such as jam are also worth bringing back home but the jars can be quite fragile so one must remember to be extra careful with them.