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Eight Reasons to Love Los Angeles (Besides Ashton Kutcher)


It may be the city of dreams and the city of angels, but LA is also the city of celebrities. Every summer countless tourists flock to Southern California hoping to get a glimpse of movie stars, musicians, and talk show hosts. While gawking at handsome actors is a productive pastime, we're here to say that there is much more to this metropolis than Ashton Kutcher. Our list of wonderful things about LA includes:


1. The Beach: Yes, there are hot babes and tanned surfers. Yes, there are palm trees and gorgeous waves. And yes, it is heaven on earth.



2. Shopping: High-class shopping spots like Rodeo Drive make LA a fashion capital of the world. Sure, you might end up spending the month’s rent and money you saved for your plane ticket home, but it costs to be cool. And who wants to go home anyway? 



3. Disney Magic: We all remember the mesmerizing, la-la land, Disney fantasies we had when were kids. In LA we get to relive those memories in all their delusional glory.



4. Crazy Nightlife: There are many reasons why so many celebrities get arrested in LA. We won’t list all of those reasons, but we will sum them up with one notion: LA nightclubs.



5. Weird Art: From the truly genius to the utterly phony, everyone embraces their creative side in LA.  Maybe its something in the water, but too many people come to the West Coast and find themselves inadvertently reaching for brushes and spray cans.



6. Year-Round Sunshine: It snows in New York. There are hurricanes in Florida, and tornados in in the Midwest.  LA, however, is always absolutely perfect and sunny. 



7. Delicious Mexican Food: Okay, so it’s the California version of Mexican food. LA still has the best tacos on the planet. No questions asked.



8. Its Not Wherever You’re From: Let’s face it. The main reason for loving LA is because it’s not Kansas.