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Christmas Shopping Venues in Yerevan


Battling the crowds in the city's most popular shopping centers at the last minute can make holiday shopping a grim endurance test. So why not take a different approach this year, and plan your Christmas shopping venues beforehand. Taking advantage of big sales for Christmas shopping deals is absolutely a great idea. To make the most of huge sales for Christmas requires planning. If you are a local Yerevanian, or a visitor who is going to spend Christmas in Yerevan, this article is going to be useful for you, as it will guide you through Yerevan's best shopping venues for Christmas shopping.

Any Rose

Any Rose is a nice Christmas shopping store located on Abovyan street. Here you can find everything for Christmas and New Year, such as different types and styles of home decorations, holiday gifts as well as Christmas trees and toys.

Dalma Garden Mall

This newly opened huge shopping mall offers much more than just Christmas shopping. Besides buying presents and decorations in the specialized Christmas shops, here you can also shop for your holiday attire, shoes, jewelry, etc. Most brands here are pretty new to Armenia, so if you are really a shopaholic, plan to spend at least 2-3 hours here.

Northern Avenue Christmas Fair

There will be a big Christmas Fair for the first time in Yerevan. It will be held from December 15 to January 13 in one of the most central avenues - the Northern Avenue. This shopping venue is probably going to be the most interesting one, first as it is new, open air and will include holiday performances and concerts. It can be a really fun places to go with kids, even just for window-shopping.

You still have a couple of days to make a shopping list. Having a list is a great idea as the chances that you will forget to buy something reduce.

Having planned your Christmas shopping venues beforehand will surely save you time, and with your list at hand you will be really ready for the pleasant adventure.

The final tip to remember is to keep your cool, purchase the items on the list and fill the rest with window-shopping. As you are taking advantage of huge sales for Christmas shopping deals, you should expect a lot of people. Everybody will be fighting over the sales items, and there will be long lines in front of the cashiers. The faster you get your shopping done, the less time you will stress yourself out fighting with the buying crowd.