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Christmas in Yerevan


Today is Christmas for entire Europe and the USA, and even though Armenia celebrates it on January 6th, my colleague Vazgen and I celebrated it at its best and are eager to share our experience with you.

Have you ever pretended to be a tourist in your own city? If not, I would certainly advise you to do it, as we tried and we liked it!

Since early morning my colleague and I were walking along Yerevan streets, taking pictures and enjoying the cool decorations that the city has been wearing since the beginning of December. It was snowing heavily in the morning and we had to walk a long distance in order to take all the photos that we, as pretend-tourists were taking. I suppose in one way it can be painful to be a tourist, quite literally, if you are not prepared, on the other hand the blizzard was soon over and true white Christmas settled in with serenity of the kind that one does not see often in our busy capital, Yerevan.

It's so much fun to look at the streets, which you have always passed, with a different view. You start seeing things that you didn't notice before and it helps you get better acquainted with the city's many exciting attractions.

We started at Square One restaurant near Republic Square with a cup of hot Mocha. It was an American Christmas atmosphere in the restaurant with holiday songs and nice decorations. Why American? Glad you asked. American Christmas is something to be seen! The staff''s Santa outfits were really a mood maker.

Spending an hour or so here, we headed to North Ave. Oh, has changed so much, so much new and interesting Christmas stuff with differently decorated Christmas trees and cool lighting, whoever the designer is, they must be really creative!  (see the photos on our Facebook page).

Our next spot was Lagonid Arabian Cuisine, where we had our "Middle Eastern" lunch. Here too, we got to know that we were not the only ones celebrating Christmas today in Yerevan. There were a lot of people who had come with families and friends to start their holiday in a Middle Eastern atmosphere. The place was small, cozy and completely decorated with Arabic attributes (you know where to see the photos).

Coziness feels good, but what if we go for a little luxury, too? To fulfill this wish, we chose the newly opened Single Malt Whiskey Bar on Sayat Nova Ave. Here the level of luxury is at its highest. If I was dating a gentleman of the 19th century we would certainly end up here. Well, as we are far from that time and I was just with Vazgen I wouldn’t end up here if I wasn’t on a mission to rediscover Yerevan.

The place is elegant and fit to high standards. It's calm, the music is not too loud and the lighting is soft. It can be an ideal place for business meetings, formal gatherings and even for a date for some people in a certain mood.

Well, we enjoyed our white Christmas in Yerevan, it was much fun spending it as a tourist in our own city. If you also did, let us know about it! How are you spending your Christmas, wherever you are?