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Best Places To Visit In Armenia In Winter


Winter is upon us in Armenia, so it goes without saying that plenty of exhilarating activities are going to rush into our lives. If you are an adventure-seeker, just give thought to an off-the-beaten path destination for your upcoming holidays. Still in need of some ideas? No worries, we have always something unique to offer in Armenia to enjoy the frosty season. So pack your winter woollies, get ready your weatherproof energy and go ahead, join us!!!

Being on the cross-road of Europe and Asia, Armenia has a mixture of cultures which sometimes oppose, but often accomplish each other. In other words, its heart is in Asia, but its mind is in Europe...

Armenia has some stunning holiday destinations, but what is coming to mind first of all is definitely Tsakhkadzor. Come here to enjoy the natural wonders of towering forest trees with sunlight filtering through their huge green leaves and skystreching mountains that still hold the traces of our ancestors. Come see where they left their imprint and their history on the rock walls of their home. Explore the magical mystery of a land that seems to be lost in time...

Here the wave of entertainments gets to its pick especially in winter when the skiing season opens. The thick layer of snow makes the right atmosphere for the professional skiers as well as for the beginners. The Tsakhkadzor Ski Resort is located just above the town of Tsakhkadzor which is about 60km away from the capital Yerevan. Come here to escape from the Christmas crowd and enjoy yourself immensely in the white powder wonderland.

Another good destination to spend the winter holidays at is Hanqavan. Rich in nature, Hanqavan has a strikingly stunning landscape and is a great place for passive holiday lovers. Christmas in Hanqavan will surely be memorable with the beautiful scenery, the snow-covered mountains, the hospitality of the local people, while the unspoiled beat will delight you to the very core.

Yerevan will not stay behind either. Winter is milder here and will let you spend more time outside. It will keep you in mood with its combination of the old and new, unique architecture of Armenian churches, the interior and exterior design of which is one of a type. Walk along the cozy streets, feel the bone structure of landscape and take the chance to visit the luxurious restaurants, cafes and bars that will welcome you warmly and provide a satisfying service.

The magic of winter is temporary as is every nice thing in the world; it will melt away with snow and leave you with memories, so make sure they are worth enough to keep!!! Don’t oversleep, do all that you can to enjoy it at its best.