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Best Places to Taste Asian Food in Yerevan


That's right, here in Armenia the most delicate and unusual food is probably Asian food, which is the first to come to our mind when we decide to try something "special". Whether we know where it comes from, how it tastes, how they cook it, is it worth trying or is it a little awkward, we still get excited while holding those too uncomfortable chop-sticks. You know what I mean, don't you?

In Europe where the primary thing people consider when it comes to food is appearance and taste, it is quite difficult to believe that Asians are a step forward when it comes to incorporate look and healthiness. Asian cuisine is not only about having excellent texture, appearance, and taste. It also considers the need of body and the benefits it gets to feel better. Hence most dishes are tasty and light but very satisfying. Ever since the 1980's, Asian food was given a great deal of attention because of high source for protein.

Here is a list of four different Asian restaurants/bars in Yerevan where you can taste food you may not have known of.

Samurai Sushi Bar

If not the only, at least the most famous place in Yerevan to taste sushi. The bar is located on Baghramyan street, close to the centre. It is all designed with Japenese style, with Samurai pictures and sword decorations. The first time I have been here, it was like a little Japanese house, where the best is to sit on the floor and eat original sushi together with different types of seafood. The impressions were so uncertain, something in between good and strange, as if you are eating something just under the water, I mean you truely feel the smell of the sea.

Old Beijing Restaurant

According to most reviews, the food served here is even better than in the states. Visitors say that it's the best Chinese restaurant they have ever been to, surprising? But a fact!

Probably the most common dishes are cooked from rice. Rice is an ancient Asian food that plays a fundamental role in many cuisines and cultures. Here they also offer salads full of fresh, crisp veggies.

Currently there are two Beijing restaurants in Yerevan, which are located close to each other.

Dragon Chinese Restaurant

This restaurant is situated on Moskovyan street, in the center of Yerevan.

It has very nice atmosphere, issued in classical Chinese architectural style and decorated with traditional Chinese red lanterns. The menu offers veal, pork, chiecken, fish and seafood dishes, salads seasoned with typical Chinese spices and souces and cooked by high quality Chinese cooks.

Karma Indian Restaurant

There was a time I used to drop here with friends quite often. It's a very nice, cozy eastern restaurant that offers main Indian dishes. The good thing about the food here is that you don't really have to "get used" to it, which you may need in case of Japanese food. Everything here is super tasty, though I have to complain about the amount...isn't that too little :)