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Becoming Ginosi Apartels


Ginosi Apartels

We have come a long way. We began by selling other people’s products. Then we offered our own apartments. Now, we are working towards becoming an apartel chain. Our motivation in all of this was to increase efficiency, improve our product, and become a leader in the hospitality industry.

Our next step is to establish ourselves as a brand. Until now, we focused less on brand building and more on creating a good product. Building a brand is more than just creating a new logo or having a new name. It is about improving the overall experience that our customers will receive.

While quality is important, brands are not built on quality alone. Our goal is to make sure that when a guest leaves our apartel, they do so excited to return (and hopefully tell their friends).

How do we do that?

First, we foster a culture and operational structure that guarantees guests get what they expect. This sets the stage for exceeding guest expectations.

To mark this transition, we announced our new name and logo at our company summit last week. We'll let our lead designer do the talking about how this new logo came to be.

Designing a Logo for Our Brand

In the words of designer Sona Avagian.

The aspirations that drive Ginosi have inspired me since my very first day at the company. Creating a visual style that truly reflects who we are has been my dream since my first day at Ginosi. Now, as we modify our business strategy, it is the right time to shift our name and logo as well.

We chose to take this step towards our future and define our brand so that every email, icon, towel, and doormat reflects who we are.

To carve this new identity,  we turned to our roots for inspiration.

I am proud to be part of a company that strives to change the perception of Armenia-based companies. Since the beginning, our founders have tried to make Ginosi not just a good place to work, but a great place to work. They want to prove that Armenia based companies can rival international competition.

As we are proud to be an Armenia based company with an Armenian name, we wanted our new branding to reflect that. We chose Armenian letter “gim,” roughly translated to the letter G, to be the base of our new visual identity.

Then we asked ourselves, what do we do? What do we offer?

The answer is simple. We offer apartments.

When the English letter “a” is placed next to our Armenian letter “g”, they follow the same form. By combining them, we found a beautiful new shape that pays homage to both our work and our heritage.

It forms a new symbol. Our vision is that the symbol will stand for our product: the apartel. With the new symbol, we also took a new, more fitting name that better reflects our identity. Ginosi Apartels.

Rebranding a company is not easy. It takes time and effort to implement the new identity. Though the logo was rolled out last week, we are still in transition and our guests may still see our legacy logo over the coming months. A smooth transition will take the time and effort of our entire company. All of us here at Ginosi will take part in the process.

After all of the work and transitions are complete, though, we understand that our brand is not a symbol or a name. Our brand is defined by our commitment to excellence in everything we do. It is how we interact with our colleagues, our partners, and most importantly, our customers. We are our brand.