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Armenia One of the Hottest Destinations in 2013


A couple of days ago the American Global Post company published the top 10 hottest travel destinations for 2013 which also included Armenia. According to Global Post, despite its quite developed tourism infrastructure Armenia is still left out of the potential travelers' attention.

Being the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion, Armenia presents monuments that prove that fact. Besides numerous churches and monasteries, Armenia also has stunning landscape. The Global Post mentiones that here you can meet generous people, who are always ready to greet the tourists and invite them at their barbecue tables. It also states that starting from January 2013 the members of European Union in order to visit Armenia will not longer be required to have a visa. This can be another reason to travel to Armenia.

Indeed Armenia is developing quite fast. Day by day new ideas are put into action to create a more beautiful and inviting city. For instance, those who have planned to visit Yerevan during the New Year period, will be nicely surprised by the new Christmas Fair which will be held for the first time in Yerevan. By the preliminary decision the Christmas Fair will last from December 15 to January 13 in the Northern Avenue. On the specially made booths different types of New Year and Christmas gifts, as well as fruits will be sold. The Christmas Fair will also be accompanied by holiday concerts and performances. Even the idea is already welcoming!