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Armenia-Italy Soccer Match in Yerevan


Today at 21.00 Hrazdan Stadium will accept the World Cup qualifying Armenia-Italy match. Both for Armenia and Italy this match is of utmost importance, firstly because the two teams play against each other for the first time. Everybody knows that Italy is a very strong team, but their challenge is that they don't know how Armenia actually plays. It goes without saying that however one might strive for victory, playing with an influential team like Italy, first of all, is a great experience for Armenia.

What will come out of this game we will see just in a few hours, but one good thing that this match has already brought in is the great enthusiasm of people who count the minutes to witness it. The mood is everywhere in Yerevan: people walking in the streets with small iconic flags, football outfits, tattoos and posters. Hrazdan Stadium is also ready for the event. Today it is going to shine with red, blue and orange, the national flag colors. On each seat there is a poster of one of these colors, which people will hold up when the Armenian anthem plays. As a result there will be a magnificent scenery to admire and to encourage the Armenian players.

In Armenia we believe that even though our team has a long way to go with experience, we do have the potential to win. Actually what does a team need to win? Well trained players, experience, belief, commitment and the list can go on as much as we take it, but one important factor to note is sports luck, which can be crucial in this matter. So lets hope that we will not lack that luck today, just for 90 minutes, and that that all Armenians will have the chance to exult and shout with joy.