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Armenia and Georgia in Eurovision Song Contest 2012


The 57th Eurovision Song Contest, one of the longest running television shows in the world, is coming closer and closer. This time it is going to take place in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is surely Europe's most favorite show and each country is now busy selecting their participants, meanwhile Azerbaijan is highly busy with preparations at full speed to host the contest and according to Jorgen Franck, director ad interim of Eurovision TV, the Azerbaijani organisers do their very best to prepare a joyful event in May. The organizers also put a significant effort into security and safety of all fans, media and delegates during the event weeks. The contest starts on 22 May when First Semi-Final will be held, Second Semi-Final will take place on 24 May and the Grand Final will be on 26 May.

This year the contest has changed the voting rules back to how they were before 2010, I.e the voting will begin after the show and last for 10 minutes.

On 18 January the official Eurovision website confirmed that Armenia's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku. However, Armenia as well as Georgia are still to announce their entries. One of the most presumable candidates is the group Dorians with their song “This is our world”. 'The song is a call for sobering people, for peace and it says no to war' said the soloist of the group.

Even though there is a concern about Armenia's participant's safety, the group members believe that everything will be alright. This year the participant will be chosen by Public Television of Armenia which is the official broadcaster of the contest.

Georgia confirmed their participation on 9 December 2011, while on 15 January GPB called for songs for the national selection. Songs had to be in English or Georgian. The winner will be decided through a combination of jury voting and SMS voting at a 50-50% stake. wishes good luck to all the participants!