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Apartment Essentials: 14 Things Your Pad Shouldn’t be Without


Your home is your special space. It’s where you relax, eat, sleep, and experience both the good and bad in life. At Ginosi we know a thing or two about apartments. So we’ve put together this list of apartment essentials that will complete your home. 


Apartment Essentials:


In the Bedroom 

  1. Curtains - What you do in the bedroom is your business. Keep it that way by investing in some nice, colorful curtains. 
  2. Mattress Pad - No matter what kind of hand-me-down, hard-as-rock mattress you’ve got, invest in one mattress pad (preferably memory foam) and you’ll sleep like a baby. 
  3. Reading Lamp - If you’re a bookworm then a good reading lamp is essential so you don’t strain those beautiful eyes. If you’re not a fan of phonics, just consider having to get up and walk across the room every time you want to flip the light switch. 
  4. Fluffy Pillows - Another essential item that will ensure deep, dreamy sleep. Plus, when you’re feeling lonely, they’re something to hold at night.




In the Living Room

  1. Wall Art - No, posters are not just for hipsters. Hanging some nice prints on the walls will cheer the place up and provide a homey feeling.
  2. Armchair that Feels Like Heaven - Everyone needs to relax, and every home needs an armchair (maybe two) that will take you to your happy place. 
  3. Table for Miscellaneous Things - It doesn’t matter how organized you are, every house produces clutter. Have a dedicated  “everything” table where you can put things that don’t have a place. Just be sure it doesn’t expand into an “everything” apartment.
  4. Color! - We’re not talking crazy 80s neon. But splashes of color will make your apartment feel warm and cozy. Plus, if done well, then you get that cool modern look without spending thousands on a high-end designer.
  5. Bar Essentials - For when you get dumped, fired, or simply need to kick back, bar essentials are a good remedy for all forms of heartache.
  6. Movie Library - It’s important to keep a bin of good DVDs on hand (or maybe a Netflix subscription). For the rainy days and when you’ve got the flu… sometimes you just need to cuddle up with a bag of Doritos and watch some good movies.




In the Kitchen

  1. Wine glasses - You don’t want to be the person who serves wine in a Dixie cup. Seriously. Invest in some nice wine glasses. They go a long way when it comes to impressing dates, parents, bosses, and frenemies.
  2. Real Utensils - Don’t rely on paper and plastic. At some point you need to invest in real cutlery, plates and glasses. Also, its better for the environment.
  3. Coffeemaker - This one is relevant only to coffee drinkers. If your productivity is directly proportional to your coffee intake, then finding the perfect coffeemaker is important. Don’t skimp, because this machine is going to be your new best friend.
  4. Take-out Menus - You can be a world-class chef but there will always be days when you can’t get those chef juices flowing. Having a well stocked, well researched, take-out drawer is therefore essential.