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Investing In Refurbishment: Pedralbes


Ginosi likes its apartels and hotels to be cool and contemporary, and accommodations to be spacious, comfortable, and fashionably distinct. If the condition of a new property does not match Ginosi's branding style and quality, we completely refurbish and re-furnish the property to bring it up to s...

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Metropolitan Hospitality


You have just landed at LAX and all you can think about is a nice cold cup of iced frappuccino. You look at your watch. It’s 6:37 am, check in is at 3:00 pm. Well, maybe having coffee and breakfast will pass some time, but you have a huge suitcase to lug around and are tired from the flight....

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Pets are Welcome!


Most pet owners know that the family dog is not just a dog, her name is Lolo and she is as much a family member as anyone who is related by blood, if not more. Because let’s face it, blood ties do not guarantee a wagging tail and wet kisses served on a platter of joy, but your arrival home t...

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Demystifying the Origins of Ginosi Apartels


In the media there is sometimes confusion about where we came from. We’d like to take this opportunity to clarify this part of our story.   Mr. Ginosian, founder of Ginosi Apartels, entered the hospitality business in 2007 when he started small by renting a bedroom in his home in A...

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Five Tips For Traveling With Pets


We launched our first pet-friendly apartments back in August. As we prepare to add more apartments that can accommodate domestic pets like cats and dogs to our global inventory of apartels, we put together these quick tips for guests traveling with pets.   Do your research. Whether yo...

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Things To Do In The New Downtown LA


  Downtown Los Angeles is seeing a construction boom, though people have different opinions about when this boom exactly started. But according to the city’s Department of City Planning, by 2040 Downtown LA will see 125,000 new people, 70,000 new housing units, and 55,000 more jobs. Let’s revi...

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Things to Do Your First Time in Chicago


As one of the largest and most flourishing US cities, Chicago has always been a popular destination both for domestic and international travellers. Its thriving commercial and industrial ventures, world-class museums, fine restaurants and dazzling nightlife offer a little something for everyone. Fo...

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Top Things to Do in Washington DC in One Day


It doesn’t get any more American than the capital of the United States. But behind the many marble facades of Washington DC lies an international city that will keep any traveler busy from sunrise to sunset. We have curated a list of the best things to do in DC in a day, and there is a lot to do! ...

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Best Outdoor Activities in Seattle


There is a reason why Seattle is known as the Emerald City. The lush green forests, lakes, mountains, and other natural wonders that surround the Pacific Northwest’s most populous metropolitan area make Seattle the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. If you are someone who likes to stay active ...

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Diverse Hollywood Eats


Hollywood is a city within a city, existing as an inseparable part of Los Angeles, but also as a destination entirely of its own. The diversity Hollywood continues to attract means that visitors of all tastes and food palates will find what they are looking for. These are our top restaurant picks fo...

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