About Us

Ginosi is an international apartel and hotel chain based in Yerevan, Armenia with locations across the US and Europe. An apartel is a hotel that features fully-furnished apartments. For our guests, an apartel combines two good products to create a great one.

    We operate apartels and hotels worldwide. To each and every guest we provide spacious and comfortable accommodation carefully designed and furnished with their needs in mind. Extra space in our apartments means travelers can spread out and groups can easily stay together. Full kitchens mean our apartment guests can either cook for themselves or enjoy takeout with a real fork and knife. By keeping our lodgings under one roof we can offer great service, cleanliness, and seamless check-in. This means you get the best of both the sharing economy and hotel accommodations.
      Our hotel rooms are also meticulously designed to meet our guests’ expectations, with all the facilities they need for a memorable stay.
        Most locations feature a 24-hour front desk to receive our guests whenever they arrive. Additionally, our 24/7 customer service team is available by phone, email, chat, and even Messenger. From the guest who needs an extra pillow to the prospective guest who needs help picking the right apartment or hotel room, we are always available to help.
          Choose one of our apartels or hotels for your next trip. See our ever-expanding list of locations to find the right apartel or hotel for you.

            Operated by Ginosi Apartel Management Services LLC