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Tbilisi Aquapark

The Aquapark is built under the open sky,nevertheless sitting under the umbrella you can protect your skin from the burning sun and even take a tan.The Aquapark is open only in summer and pamper visitors different games.Riding at high and extreme water slides are included in the price paid at the entrance.Deck chair is offered for every customer.

Large pool has got sections for adults and for children.There is jakuzzi in the middle of it.While you are enjoying cafes,fast foods,music which will be played by Dj,you can leave your children without having to worry,as there is not a deep pool for children as well as the rescuers are closely monitoring the actions of children.After cooling in a pool you can get a massage,and even visit a beauty salon in the water park.

Sometimes after 9 o'clock p.m. the administration of the Aquapark makes parties for customers.

Because of the hot days,even in week days you can be in a queue.It will be quite better to visit Aquapark or about 8 a.m. or after 4p.m.

The price from Monday till Friday:

For adult-30 Gel (~18 USD)

Children (under 7 years)-Free

The price for Sunday and Saturday:

For adult-40 Gel (~24 USD)

Children (under 7 years)-Free


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